"Have You Seen George?" This short film is inspired by real, frequent encounters experienced by children with special needs, many of whom live isolated childhoods and are at the receiving end of "the look". An Inclusive Attitudes survey conducted found while two-thirds of the public was willing to share spaces with children with special needs, they were not willing to interact with them. Seven in 10 Singaporeans are supportive of inclusive education, but only half are comfortable having their child seated next to a child with special needs in class.

The animated short was thus created to bring attention about a need to work towards being more accommodating to those around us as our children mirror our actions. A lack of socialisation between children with and without special needs will continue to engender fear and breed a divided society. Ultimately, all children who can creatively work with those different from them will thrive in this increasingly complex world. 
Color variations:
Turntable of George:
Size comparison:
Commissioned by: Lien Foundation
Directors: Huiwen Yang & Charis Anne Lim
Style frames and Storyboard: Khoo Siew May
Animation Lead: Marilyn Neo
Animation and Cel Animation: Khoo Siew May
George's Voice: Jun Le Lee
Sound Design and Music Composition: Zendyll
Special Thanks to Marvin Tang and Jean Loo

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