Youth Celebrate 2015

This project was produced at Cravefx. I was tasked to come up with the visual concept for the opening of the Singapore Sports Hub. The video has to represent the various activities that will be showcased at the opening of the stadium. Here you will see some of the development and ideas, some of which didn't make it to the final video. I had two ideas as you can see. One is using characters and the other was to use objects to represent the activities. In the end, the client chose to go with the character concept, which of course was still very fun to work on.

Commissioned by: Ministry Of Education
Creative Director: Joshua Tan, Davier Yoon
Styleframe Designer: Siew May, Lai Hui Li
Animators: Marilyn Neo, Chi Zhan Qing, Siew May
Produced at Cravefx (Singapore) 

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